Jenny Muslin, MODERN LUXURY, September 5, 2018

COLOR PLAY Artist and entrepreneur Kristi Kohut started as an lnstagram sensation, but her vibrant success sparked plans to open her own gallery in Libertyville this Fall.


Perhaps you've spocred Krisri Kohur's arr on lnscagram, on HGTV or in Ell, Decor as one of the "7 exr-Big-1hing Artists," By using bold, vibranr colors and mixing cexcures, Kohur's masterpieces can't help bur make you feel uplifted; her Inscagram handle is @hapiarr, afrer all. Her atypical rise ro success is an inspiring srory. After working in advertising, she left rhe indusrry ro be a mom. Her love of paiming rurned inro an unexpected career and, now, she is parr of a new wave of arrists who connect wirh cusromers direcrly via social media.