The companion to Entropic Beauty, ‘Bloom’ focuses on my favorite artist: nature. There is so much beauty in the natural world and its astounding use of color, pattern, and symmetry. I’m driven to capture this tremendous beauty: the surprise of bare winter branches becoming blooming trees; patterns in molecules invisible to the naked eye; the innate order of the Fibonacci sequence seen in delphiniums, pineapples, and nautilus shells.

Pure as it is, however, nature is never untouched. The man-made finds its way in, for no matter how hard we try the materialist, consumerist world rears its head. Thus I incorporate elements of my entropic series here, finding inspiration and materials from a variety of sources such as personal illustrations and photography, vintage books and magazines. Everything is deconstructed and reconstructed as I assemble the elements onto giant sheets of paper, again to be further cut into individual flowers, fauna, and butterflies. These components are then pulled together into a 3D collage on acrylic, inviting the viewer to discover the fine detail and intricate patterns of the individual flowers, which remind us of the wonder and magic of the natural world surrounding us.