Are these abstract aerial views of geological landscapes or micro-impressions of crystals and the human body? My Symphonic Atlas series is inspired by my favorite muse, nature. There is so much beauty to be inspired by all around us. The swirls of vibrant agate rock, wavy patterns in natural land formations, a cross-section of a rainbow-hued crystal, candy colored stripes lining a glacier: these and other scenes are my inspiration. As well as beauty, however, there is mystery in nature. As such, I love to leave the true meaning of a piece ambiguous; to leave unclear whether these works reflect contained, finite moments or small snapshots of something larger and continuous. No matter how viewers interpret it, I hope the series challenges perceptions and invites questioning. These works are created on acrylic or often iridescent acrylic, and layered with swirls of mixed media and coated in cut glass glitter and crystals—combinations that create an interactive effect, drawing the viewer in and changing as one moves around the piece with its shifting luminosity.