This body of work is inspired by the marks and patterns found in the world all around us, both the natural and the technological. From the microscopic pattern of our DNA, to the vibrant marks on an exotic butterfly or wild mushroom, to barcodes on clothing tags, fingerprint identification systems, and contact tracing, the marks are intended to be abstract, like a code hinting at the collision of our humanity and the natural world. These are the marks we leave behind.

I created this series on rice paper, allowing the paint and watercolor to bleed into the paper to keep the marks organic and fluid. At the outset, the paper is folded in half, allowing each mark to bleed through and leave its trace on the reflected side. The overall effect is symmetrical - mimicking the reciprocal effects the natural and human worlds have on each other—yet upon close inspection each mark has its own nuanced signature. Some marks are left intentionally light, while others are layered with additional pigment. The paper is then mounted to acrylic with a gloss to further blend each pattern into a solid white background and coated with layers of glass beads, a process that further distorts the marks and adds an element of interactivity to the illuminated piece while viewers circulate.